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Our Services

SPE Electrical are highly experienced high voltage consultants and can undertake a wide range of technical electrical engineering services to support your business needs. We work across a wide range of industries and specialise in undertaking complex and unusual studies that many other consultancies might decline. As SPE we have access to many of the industry leading software packages such as ETAP, Digsilent, AMTECH, EMTP-ATP, EMTP-RV, PSCAD and AutoCAD / DraftSight, which gives us the capability to design or analyse virtually any electrical system. Please contact us to discuss your requirement, or look around our website to see our capabilities. Typical services that SPE can provide include:

  • Power System Analysis

    We can undertake a wide range of protection, static, dynamic and electromagnetic power system studies, using industry leading software packages ETAP and PSCAD.

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  • Power System Design

    We have worked on everything from simple LV MCCs up to large 500MW+ petrochemical facilities, requiring complex tie-ins and outage planning.

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  • Earthing

    SPE Electrical are experts in earthing design and specialise in assessing difficult earth potential rise calculations at HV substations.

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  • Consultancy

    Our Power System & High Voltage Consultants have worked on renewables, T&D projects, process plants & power generation both in the UK & internationally.

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