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SPE Electrical are based in Dorset, in the South West, but serve the whole of the UK as well as many international clients! The company was created in early 2006, in recognition of the rapidly expanding infrastructure and energy sectors, and the associated need for specialist HV consultancy services. To date our power system consultants have undertaken a wide range of studies for a variety of local, national and international clients.

As a company we specialise in all aspects of design, analysis and consultancy that relate to large power system and have design experience from low voltage to 400kV, and covers industries as diverse as renewable power to water treatment plants. We are also well versed in international design standards and practices such as IEC, ANSI, IEEE, NEC and NFPA, and our engineers have worked on projects all around the globe.

As well as consulting for many large business, we provide support and guidance to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and help them to grow their business, by allowing them to tackle bigger and more complex projects without the need of having to recruit additional specialist staff.

We have a unique ethos and business model, which we believe gives us both a technical and commercial advantage over many of our rivals, as well as helping to improve our Clients’ satisfaction. For more details about our approach, please see our philosophy.

We are fully covered by professional indemnity insurance, which includes design activities for building services, critical services, water, data centres, oil & gas plants, refinery and other similar high risk environments.

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A Partnership Approach

We Work With You

At SPE we adopt a partnership approach where we work with you, to help your business grow – we believe that the best way to grow our business, is by helping you grow your business.  At SPE our core values are competency, professionalism, honesty and integrity.

SPE Electrical has an innovative business model, which is very different to many other consultancies. We have a small core team of full time power system consultants and a pool of semi-retired, highly experienced specialists who work for us on a flexible, part-time basis, allowing us to call-off expert resources as needed. This allows SPE to run a streamlined organisation, with low costs, which in turn allows us to put in very competitive prices for even complex technical projects.

We don’t believe in trying to overcharge our clients for unnecessary studies, and tailor all our proposals to meet our clients needs. Short term profit is never a priority for SPE and instead we believe in working together and building long lasting partnerships. We don’t believe in under-quoting to the win the project and then trying to claim lots variations to contract scope in order to increase our profits. Our prices are fair, competitive, have clearly defined scope and don’t have hidden extras. SPE prides itself in understanding our clients needs, and ensure that all reports are clear and easy to read, with practical recommendations on the most appropriate course of action.

We want our clients to feel free to pick up the phone and call us for advice on any technical issue, regardless of whether we have a live contract with them or not. In many cases we have been able to answer a clients technical question without even undertaking a study, and are happy to provide quick informal advice for free.

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