Power System Studies

Milton Keynes

SPE was contracted by Thameswey to undertake two key scope areas of work to review and validate the system design and operation of the existing iDNO network in Milton Keynes.

SPE’s first tranche of work was to carry a full review of the existing 11kV and 400V power distribution system and protection settings for the Woking town center as part of the Victoria Square development, using the ETAP modelling package. SPE developed an overall electrical model of the entire electrical network in ETAP from the main DNO incomers down to the largest outgoing LV circuit, and then run a series of short circuit studies to validate that all the switchgear is within the correct fault rating duty. Once completed, SPE then carried out a detailed protection coordination study to assess each of the main 11kV substations on the network for correct discrimination to ensure that the correct protection elements trip in order.

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Key Features

Client: Thameswey
Industry: Transmission & Distribution
Plant Type: iDNO Network
Project:  Protection and Arc Flash Study
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2019

“SPE undertook a short circuit study and full protection coordination study for the Milton Keynes town centre, private iDNO network.”