Green Power Generators

LV Design and System Studies


SPE was contracted by Green Power Generators to help roll out a fleet of 8 LV bio-diesel generators to a number of TESCO distribution warehouses within the UK.  This was to help reduce their total power consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

SPEs initial scope was to develop a generic template design that could be rolled out to the individual projects, ensuring that the design was consistent and that the overall project costs were kept low.  As part of the design pack, SPE were responsible for the overall LV system design and tie-ins and power systems studies.

SPE prepared the G99 application form for each site and supported the developer through the ENA application process and discussion with the DNOs.




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Key Features

Client: GPG
Industry: Bio Generators
Plant Type: Energy From Waste
Project: Design & Protection
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2018-20

“SPE was appointed to provide technical design services for the LV system design and integration of the new generation plant.”